A Collaborative Coffee Roastery

The Coffeesmiths Roastery is home to The Roastery Department, Small Batch Coffee Roasters and Roasted Rituals. Our Head of Coffee Dumo Mathema oversees coffee quality for the group. He leads a team of Roasters who work together to develop coffee profiles for our various brands, understanding the different profiles and methods of each brands distinct identity and always ensuring the best coffee is produced.


We source coffee from 4 continents and over 20 countries, because we know where the coffee is grown greatly affects the taste. Although there can be a huge variety of flavours within each country, there are general flavour trends for each continent. All of our coffees score 80 or higher out of 100 as graded by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). 

After selecting a continent and country of origin, the next process for us is to select a region.  Some regions are well known for their signature taste.  From years of experience, we know which regions produce the finest coffee and we want to bring those flavour profiles to our customers.   

We only use Arabica coffee but within that species there are hundreds of different varieties and cultivars. Like wine grapes, each variety brings a different taste profile to your cup. Some coffees are single varieties others are blends of two or three different varieties grown at the same farm.

There are three main types of processing after the coffee beans are harvested: Washed, Natural and Pulp Natural – as well as endless local variations and styles.  This is how the coffee is processed from a cherry into a dried seed ready for export. The type of process has a profound affect on the flavour of the coffee as it categorises what type of coffee it is, but the quality of the green coffee is most important. Think of it like Red, White or Rosé wine.

The final step is roasting, part science and part craft, this is an integral part of the journey that leads coffee cherries from the tree to your cup.


Over 125 million people worldwide are employed in the coffee industry from baristas, right down to the many generations of farmers that pick and process our beans. It is our goal to support every part of that chain.


Looking after our farmers is extremely important to us. Although direct trade has its advantages, we only use carefully selected importers. We make sure that not only are the farmers’ rights protected, but the relationship built up over generations is preserved.

In an age of information, hospitality has been overhauled into an industry of ethics, sustainability and traceability. Any restaurant will be able to tell you where their beef or vegetables are from, even down to the cow or lot. Why should it be any different with coffee? We only use 100% traceable, grade 1 beans from micro lots.

Farming a micro lot gives the farmer more contact time with the crop. Quite simply - quality over quantity. Once the beans are delivered to our roastery we are equally as respectful to the beans making sure they are hand roasted the best we can roast them. Our roasting process incorporates all of the senses to make sure the beans are as unique as the farmers that supply us.